• Dina J. Muchnick

When Is It Time To Hire Me?

Advertising is a complex and multifaceted industry. Many businesses try to handle it all in house, only to find they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. While it works for some, it often becomes overwhelming and increasingly difficult to stay relevant. A copywriter can propel your business forward in a structured way, with a level of experience that saves your advertising dollars and time for methods proven to bring clear results.

For businesses looking for targeted growth and new levels of possibility, a copywriter can make a significant difference. A skillful writer has the experience to know your market, and how to communicate with it. They have the objectivity and creativity to feature your business in ways that may not have even occurred to you. You also have the advantage of paying per project, focusing on results instead of coming up with a budget for a team of high-level salaries to drain your company’s coffers.

Is your progress going more slowly than you had hoped? Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Here are a few signs that it might be time to reach out:

  • Sales are stagnant. You know your company could be so much more. When you speak to your sales team to see why profits are lagging, you hear things like “There aren’t enough good leads”. I can help you gain interest with engaging advertising and clear calls to action.

  • Things just don’t get done. Many companies who try to advertise in-house often have one talented person being pulled in a million directions. Projects often get neglected for more urgent ones, and vital maintenance and engagements don’t happen while the lone staffer struggles to get everything done. The ROI with an outside expert is often a better investment, because they have the resources and time to get everything done as soon as you need it. No more lost opportunities due to projects sitting in the queue!

  • Marketing isn’t fun for you. While I can't get enough of nerding out on it, marketing just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Your skill may be in meticulous calculations, negotiation, holding the vision, innovative product design or networking. Working with me means that you can focus on what you love, and have the fruits of your focus showcased in the ads the I design for you.

  • Your marketing results are inconsistent. Many soon-to-be clients often tell me that their previous marketing attempts were quite hit and miss. There was no measurable system for what worked, and how to develop the campaign further. I can help you develop a strategy that can be monitored and developed with tangible results.

  • You’d love to have a full team, but don’t have the budget to afford it. Instead of settling for one overworked employee with limited results and knowledge, you can enjoy the support of a specialist, without paying the full time salary for one. Your funds are used carefully, with targeted projects and clear goals.

With the right support, you can look forward to building a brand and relationship with your future customers that will enrich you both.

Contact me today to explore new possibilities for your business!

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