• Dina J. Muchnick

What’s Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Planning makes perfect.

You decided that it's time to take stock of your marketing strategy. Dive into your analytics, KPIs and ROI measurements. Make note of what worked, what had rather disappointing results, and new ideas you are still hoping to try.

Each new day means new opportunities. It’s time to refresh your strategy with new ideas.

There are still a few things those used to traditional marketing may not understand about social media marketing strategy. Social media is about building an engaging relationship over time through creative strategy and execution. While it doesn’t need to be elaborate, it’s important to continue connecting with your audience frequently and consistently. Social media is not something you can do sporadically - it needs to be ingrained into your company culture.

Social media has a different tone than other marketing platforms. Many marketing campaigns have a “let me tell you” style of communication while social media is about earning trust and interest by offering tangible value. Many readers will pause to notice a company's social media posts when they offer intriguing photos, lifestyle tips, fun giveaways, or other useful information. Social Media is rife with a bombardment of data, so it’s important to stand out with something valuable.

Planning is a little different as well. In this setting, your goal is to be relevant to your audience. It requires some flexibility, and a bit more thought on the content of what you share. While it’s important to have a structured plan in place, there are often sudden trends such as world events, local news or even viral memes that become hot topics overnight. Adapting your conversation and ads to developing events will help you stay on the leading edge of new ideas being shared across many platforms.

Different social platforms have different styles of expression, and it’s important to pay attention to those changes between programs. The tone of a quick, playful Twitter post will be completely different from a Facebook post. When we provide social media marketing services, we fine-tune the subtle differences to make sure your ideas are being heard effectively.

In the early stages of social media for your brand, it is important not to spread yourself too thin. Instead of starting accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook all at once, take time to really build one, or a small handful, with purpose and consistency. As you build your social media marketing strategy, keep in mind that social media is most effective when you engage regularly; since it solely depends on the relationships and interest you build in your campaigns.

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